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Today, I thought I would try to see what the "usable" glowing times were for a set of Stayglow scales.   Although, the human eye is more sensitive to light, than a camera lens; I tried to capture maybe some "runtimes" for a set of scales.  (Those that frequent Candlepowerforums know all about runtimes and beamshots).

Since it was around 103 degrees today here in the Land of Oz without a cloud in the sky, I figured that I could really charge up the scale and watch hands.  I set one scale directly in the sun along with a Casio watch that I had stored away.  Since I wear this Casio watch on occasion, I could roughly estimate glowing times for the Stayglow scale by comparing it to the brightness of the watch hands.

After leaving them outdoors for around an hour or so, I then brought them inside to my improvised darkroom, and tried to take a picture of them every 30 minutes until I felt the camera would not register an image anymore.  (My camera was set for f 2.8/4 sec and an ISO of 400.)

Here is the original test target/subjects:

And images roughly every 30 minutes:

One hour

Two Hours

Three Hours

And really being bored today, I made an animated GIF showing a few of the shots above in sequence: