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I was looking through the new Blade and saw a couple knives that looked handy. Large handles and small (by comparison) blade. LOTS of control of the blade with that big ole handle. But they were fixed blades.
I seldom carry a fixed blade, but wondered what I could figger out for a folder.
Thought a bit and remembered that my One Hand Trekker SAK has about the most grip filling handle of any folder I own. Then I got an idea.
Take the blade DOWN.
So this is what I ended up with. Not really worried about the strength of the tip as the knife has a nice locking screwdriver for prying.

Actually, it left plenty of meat for my uses.
Blade is 2 7/8" now.
Thinking of maybe radiusing the tip up a bit, but going to leave it alone and use as is. The tip will probably radius itself if I just sharpen it without taking care not to go off the tip. Actually there is a teensy weentsy bit of radius left from where the filing met the edge anyhow.
Also rounded off that lanyard ring hole that always gouged me when I used the saw.
I kinda like it.
Almost a duplicate of the Delica.