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Being a longtime disciple of Kathryn Kane, I have concocted a few modifications over the years and now have a place to share them.
Presenting my HotSpark Tinker (84mm)
The Phillips has been cut down and fitted with a brass tube to hold a ferro rod from a BSA HotSpark. The ideal came from a dimly remembered Browning scout/utility model made in Germany (looked like an old pattern Wenger) from the late 70’s. This knife had a removable rod in the same position which unscrewed I think, don’t remember if it was a sharpening steel or spark rod. The Browning is one of the knives I never got to own as a kid and now am actively looking for one or even just information on it (anyone?)

This mod was done using a minimum of tools and only took a couple hours:
Phillips screwdriver cut off with a dremel wheel, leaving a ¼” FULL DIAMETER nub. The nub was filed into a hex cross section so that 7/16” (.014”wall) brass hobby tubing was a “tap” or “force fit” onto the hex. No adhesive was used, although I was prepared to apply JB weld. The BSA HotSpark was cut off (underwater) just in front of the handle with a hand held hacksaw blade. The fit of the rod can be adjusted with a couple coats of clear nail polish, although the fit was fairly close already.

The pen blade was “clipped” and the can opener screwdriver was thinned for eyeglass

HotSpark Tinker Rework