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Introducing the most beautiful aftermarket handmade sheaths available!

Often times the subject of carrying a SAK is brought up. In fact, easing the carryability of tools has spawned a number of credit card type tools like the Victorinox SwissCard to the Spydercard. Many times, the discussion goes to maximum size for pocketability, then into number of layers that are comfortable etc. I personally prefer carrying SAKs in sheaths, which is the subject of this article.


As with any other gear, sheaths are limited to various carry options. for example, you likely wouldn't wear an A.L.I.C.E. pack to a restaurant with the family.

I have recently been blessed with a couple of Esteban's (mcniac on the forum) handmade leather sheaths and let me tell you, they are works of art. The name SAK Sack was originally a tongue in cheek remark, but seems to have stuck, and SAK Sacks are unobtrusive enough to allow carry almost anywhere.

The hand stitched leather lacing alone is worthy of an article, and maybe one day he will provide us with a tutorial. It is intricate and phenominal and beautiful, and alone, would make a sheath something to treasure. However that's not where it ends! With the regular Sacks there is a steel pocket clip to attach to your belt or pocket, or with the OHT Sack a leather belt loop. What is really eye catching (and this is saying alot- these are bautiful!) is the SOSAK logo that is hand tooled into a leather medallion and sticthed on to the sheath. This helps to personalize the sheath, and I beleive he is also open to doing custom work on them as well.

The OHT Sack is in a catagory of it's own. Esteban wet molded it to an OHT and applied parafin to waterproof the leather. So far, it also seems to have protected it from the millions of tiny scratches that result from my daily walks in the woods with my dogs. It has also allowed me to carry my OHT at work without appearing out of place.

I highly reccomend a SAK Sack to everyone who carries a knife, small flashlight or anything else that they may need a handy sheath for. Esteban's work is exceptional and his prices are amazingly reasonable- for now at least!

Esteban can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions, comments or questions.  I leave you now with more pics to whet your appetite!