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SOSAK members are always ready to answer the call of those in need.

In attempt to help out soldiers serving in various theatres around the globe, SOSAK members are donating knives, multitools and any other supplies to help make the lives of those serving in the military a little more comfortable. 

In the past, our own in house dealers rallied to the cause by instantly donating many knives.  Several SOSAK members have also offered portions of their collections to help.  Well it's time to do it again.

Donations are to be sent to:

Pete Berkenkamp
24 Kearney ave.
Whippany NJ
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and will be forewarded to a USMC Recruiter by longtime donation coordinator, Pete Berkenkamp.  This is an exerpt from an e-mail from Pete, describing what he does:

Thinking back to where this all started, it was on KF and involved 3 Alox SAKs.
I was in a big trade of all kinda knives and the only 3 we could not agree upon fair value were the 3 SAK's.
I jokingly offered to send them to 3 members of Snipershide serving in Iraq and the seller was thrilled.
My daughter added hard candy and such and a friend that I mentioned it to, sent socks and AA batteries...
The guys were thrilled to receive the packages and I found I could act as a conduit for more giving..
Several members of KF and BF have given or sold at a loss to help me help the boys.
A member of our soccer club board cut me a check for $100 to buy stuff and I spent it wisely between BenVA and another guy selling tools.
The next guys to step up was Tsetz and JoseyWales and they talked it up pretty good.
A guy from OK sent me $50. and a guy in Cali sent me some tools and a folder.
I had a moment of weakness and bought a large Tact. blade from a guy on ARFcom and he asked if I was "the guy" collecting knives for Iraq??? When my CS Recon Scout arrived it had 4 NIB CS folders riding shotgun. I traded 3 of those for about 12 or 15 small SAKs, much better deal if you ask me. The last and most practical will be sent over.
A guy in Fl. sent me pirate flags and a guy on Long Island is send sport drink powder.

Let's make the folks doing the hard work in the Sandbox know that we are behind them 100%!