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Pocket knives have made an impact in our society and are an important part of our daily lives. Ever since man had crafted the folding knife, we have seen everything from simple handmade knives made on a farm for general purpose work to pearl handled gentleman knives that were carried by those distinguished to carry them. The creation of the modern slip joint really has an incredible history and the craftsmanship in them is amazing. Granted these days the market is flooded with models produced over seas that don’t even come close to the craftsmanship of homemade designs, there are some things that cannot be mass produced. I may be talking about classic pocket knives, but let’s take a different angle on modern slip joints. Everyone has heard of, or has at one time owned a "Case" or a "Schrade" and we all have a place in our hearts for American cutlery companies, but one company beats them all hands down when it comes to quality and fit/finish.

No matter what country your in or how remote of a location you may be on this vast globe we live on, someone is bound to have a Swiss army knife or what of it’s variants. The little red tool has been around the world and has been with us for over a hundred years; the simplicity of them and their unsung elegance leave a warm spot in our hearts much like that of it’s tradition brothers. Elsner created the first Swiss army knife as a solution to a problem, the Swiss needed a good knife for their troops to carry and they needed more tools that just a knife. For instance they needed a can opener to open canned good supplies and a screwdriver for their riffles.

The Swiss army knife has progressed and transformed over the years and during the U.S. occupation in Germany during WWII U.S. soldiers had bought this wonder tool and brought it back with them to show their friends and families. From that point on the world has had impact by the small but mighty Swiss army knife. Granted much has changed in their design, each tool has been tweaked and refined to make them into the tools they are today.

Victorinox produces 35,000 knives a day, exceeding production numbers of other companies that make traditional pocket knives. What is so amazing is not how many the make a day but the precision of which each knife is produced. They all come out with perfect walk and talk, and Victorinox does it every time. No one else can produce a pocket knife at such a reasonable price as theirs and maintain the quality that they represent. Often copied and imitated by foreign makers, Victorinox proves to dominate with it’s presence in the market. A true consumer knows a real Swiss army knife when he sees one.

I just want to say Vic has done a tremendous job doing what it is what they do best and the world is a better place because of it. I hope they continue to thrive in this post 9/11 world and we will see them produce new and exciting models for us and then next generation.

-David Bowen