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These are simple modifications that I think of as in the style of those in Kathryn Kane's book.

Those with (kk) next to them are actually mentioned in the book.

-Nail file:
1.Grind edge for scraper or blade (kk).
2.Convert fingernail cleaner end to screwdriver (kk).

1.Squaring ends of screwdrivers to reduce slipping.
2.Beveled end for scraping/chiseling.

1.Reshape pen blade into a sheepsfoot or clip point.
2.Thumb serrations or file work on back of blade.
3.Grind serrations into edge.
4.Scraping notch for ferro rod (like the Tool Logic SL-3).
5.Scagel style nail nick � the nick is cut completely through the blade.

1. Serrated back for use as nail file or kitchen match striker.

-Cap Lifter/Combo tool
1.Square inside edges of cap lifter or combo tool for scraping a HotSpark.
2.Grind wire stripper bevel on the inside curve (like the Wenger Standards).

-Can Opener
1.Grind small screwdriver to fit eyeglass screws (kk).
2.Sharpen inside edge as letter opener (kk) or package tape/sandpaper ripper.

-Pen (empty)
1.Cut off end to store a sewing needle or vent pick for MSR stove jet.

1.Roughen with sandpaper for better grip (kk).
2.A section of emery board (glued) or a metal nail file (inlaid) to scale as a nail file/match striker.

1.Reshape tip into an angle or point (kk).

Can anyone add a Kathryn Kane style Mod?