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This knife was done about 15 years ago and is the one on which I learned how to do hardware Mods.

All you Modders must bow before it, because it is the first!

The base knife is an Explorer with a second blade layer added. It is not perfect, the magnifying glass/Phillips layer and scissors layer are a little lazy, but it works well enough for a first try.

The second main blade was serrated using a chainsaw file. If I were doing it over, I would have only gone halfway (I was in the middle of a serrated Spyderco craze then).

The nail nick has been cut all the way through because the other blade blocked it. This allows the blade to be opened from the off side.

The pen blades have original factory profiles, the clipped point coming from the older Explorer. Access to the inside pen blade is limited; the serrated main blade needs to be opened first.