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 Here is the last (for '06 anyways!) giveaway prize for the First Anniversary Contest!
Winner is announced!

This one is gone to our very own Patrick Sullivan, aka psul71!  Congratulations amigo!

Why engrave it 05 you ask?  Well, this knife was engraved when I opened SOSAKOnline as a commemorative thing, and here we are, one year later, celebrating our anniversary- what better way to cap off our anniversary celebration than to offer a three layer ALOX model?

Congratulations to the winner of the Afzelia Burl Huntsman from Rotokid!  This week, our good friend Vinnie Lopez  picks up the prize!  Way to go Vinnie!  The FBI will be along shortly to change your name and move you to another state  to protect your identity- I am certain a bunch of SOSAK members will be gunning for you on this one!

As Tom puts it:
 This knife is a brand new "old stock" pre 91 huntsman
without hookfrom my personel stock. The scale material is Afzelia  burl
found in parts of Africa and Asia.

The second week's winner is Frank Zimmer, aka sc7sc6 in the SOSAK Forum!
I think I speak for many folks when I say "Enjoy your new knife, you lucky bugger!"

Red ALOX Pioneer Settler!

The first week's winner was Matt!  He's getting this great SOSAK lapel pin from Travis, and a beautiful SAK Sack from Esteban!

Lapel Pin from SOSAKGear

SAK Sack- Knife not included!