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This month’s SAK of the Month is a series of commonly overlooked models that should appeal to the minimalists as well as the traditional slip joint fans.  Ordinarily I choose one model (and maybe a similar version or counterpart from the other company) but this month we have a few contenders that share more than just a shield.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 84mm blade only models.

    This group consists of the Victorinox Secretary, Pocket Pal, Sentry and the Wenger Patriot, which is known outside of North America as the Eloxy.  Many of you are wondering why the Solo wasn’t included- well to be honest, it’s a shape thing!

    These knives are all very closely related, consisting of blades only.  The simplicity of the Sentry has alway appealed to me- a tiny single bladed folder, which sticks out from the group by being the only one with only a single blade.  I have always been fond of this model, but at the same time I can’t help but wish it had a lanyard ring as it’s pretty tiny and almost disappears in your pocket!

    Add a small blade and it becomes the Pocket Pal, another great and simple knife, although, unfortunately again missing the lanyard ring.  Also, like the Sentry, the Pocket Pal is dressed in cellidor, and both are available in BSA and plain scales.

    The next model is the Secretary, identical to the Pocket Pal except in ALOX rather than cellidor.  This slim, elegant knife is an excellent choice for formal occasions, suits- in fact, almost anywhere that a knife is wanted or needed, but must be discreet or as non bulky as possible.  I keep one in the pocket of my Tilley Hat, and it can suit almost any occasion.

    Lastly we have the Wenger Patriot, also known as the Eloxy.  This knife takes all the charm of the Secretary and adds the functionality of a lanyard ring- in fact, it is the only model of the four that does have one!  I don’t have one in my collection, but I guarantee that it will be in the next order I have from Felinevet!  I was fortunate enough to play with someone else’s for a day or two before it headed off to it’s new owner and I was very pleased with it.  Other than the shield and the lanyard ring, it also differs from the Secretary with a small clip point blade rather than the drop point found on the Pocket Pal and the Secretary.  Also,  it's available in black, blue and red.

    You may want to take the time to look at some of these overlooked models as they are excellent “low key” pocket knives that generally won’t offend all but the most offendable sheeple (and security guards!), inexpensive enough to have many of them, and should the need arise, make excellent backups to larger knives and tools for when delicate work is needed.

    Face it, you owe it to yourself to check them out!