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Lord knows, with two or three hundred knives around the house, I didn't need another one. But, when I heard that the Wenger Tool Chest Plus was bigger than my Victorinox SwissChamp -- well, I had to have one.

Tim, the "FelineVet," made all this foolishness possible by sending me the infernal machine.

First thing I have got to do is contact whomever is Wenger's legal counsel, as I'm sure I wrecked a disk in my back, just lifting the big, heavy thing out of our mailbox. I figure they'll offer me a big settlement and I can live on Easy Street the rest of my days.

A lot of the tools were familiar -- like the pliers -- although the Wenger pliers have a slip joint, and the Vic's don't.

The goofiest thing, I guess, is the compass and ruler in the Tool Chest. Hey! Wait a minute! I think I found Wenger's secret to building a bigger SAK: That darn compass/ruler provides just the additional thickness to make the Tool Chest wider than the SwissChamp? Is that fair?

I guess the thing I'm most anxious to try out is the wrench. It's not gonna be big enough to tighten anything on my bicycle or car, but maybe there's something around the house with small-enough nuts.

If you have grandchildren, and a Tool Chest, you could paint an eye on the wrench, and tell the kids it's an alligator, maybe.....

The combination of a magnifying glass and a "precision screwdriver" seems a stretch. The lens is so small, I can't imagine it being handy anywhere, except to start a fire by focusing the sun's rays on some shavings or tinder.

Unlike Vic's, the Wenger reamer has got no hole in it to enable you to sew with it. To me, that's a "plus." I tried sewing a bag of yard waste shut last week with my SwissChamp, and it went so slowly that I put the knife down and stapled the bag instead.

Nice-looking nail file. I can't wait to get a dirty finger and try that one out....

The "thread guide" in the fish-scaler blade had me temporarily stumped. But I'm sure somebody will take me aside and explain that one to me.

If I wanted to be picky, I'd point out that most of my corkscrew-equipped Vics came with a nice little jeweler's screwdriver twisted into the spiral. Seems like Wenger cheaped out on that one.

But then, I'm not going to spend any time complaining, because things like the can opener are models of efficiency.

The Wenger paperwork shows a "hook-sharpener" tool, which, I assume, might also be used to sharpen pocketknife blades.

Good marketing, Wenger! A person would need to buy a knife with a sharpener in it -- then buy another one in order to have something to sharpen.


Well, I've got to go now, and manicure my thumbnail. Wouldn't want to look sloppy while I'm opening those other ziggedy-zillion blades.....