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I'm amazed at the level of interest in the new Soft Touch line. I'm also very happy to see several new models sporting this new finish. Have a look at the Wenger's european website to spot the Soft Touch applied to the Swiss Clippers!

Congratulations you are being considered for ownership of a Swiss Army Knife.  Please take time to read and understand the history and the ownership guidelines.

I managed to scan some of the Victorinox Cutlery info I recieved from a very helpful Victorinox representative at the SHOT Show.  As such, I'd like to dedicate this page to Cutlery Girl!  I've converted these to .pdf for easy reading and downloading.  Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed!

    Originally I thought the black scaled Rescue Tool might not be the finest idea, but then I might just be pre-programmed by all the other brightly colored tools on the market, intended for first responders.  And, thanks to SwissBianco, I have one to test out!

    While the Cadet has always been a popular model amongst SOSAK members and other SAK users, there has always been an interest in special variants like the infamous Copper version.  While the copper model may still be an elusive dream for some, just about everyone can get their hands on some new offerings in a rainbow of new colors!

    When we think of knockoffs we think of the cheap junk manufactured in many developing nations- rarely do we consider “Swiss Army Style” knives from quality manufacturers, but there are some very decently made examples out there.

    A while back I had written what was, at the time a pretty decent article describing the various versions of the Soldier model, including the Pioneer, the DAK and the Wenger Standard Issue.  Well since there I’ve added a few more to the stable, and it’s only fair that I add them to the list.

    Anyone bored of these oddities yet?