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sAs I sit here in front of this monitor I have on my person some 8 knives (actually they are lying next to it because it was uncomfortable to sit). Appearing in alphabetical order (by manufactures’’) is:
  • SOG: Micron
  • Spyderco: Endura 4
  • Victorinox: Pioneer, Rambler, and Spirit
  • Wenger: Evo Grip 18, Nail Clipper, Signal Card.
Some people would say that I have an obsession I would agree if I carried all of these every day but today is different.

I decided to get the Evo Grip 18 out of the case and carry it and I figured what the heck I will grab the Nail Clippers on the way out the door.

Maybe I do have a problem.

The Rambler rides in my survival kit that I carry in my front left pocket, (it’’s really not survival more like an urban kit). It holds: a spare key for my work van, a Mag Solitaire, folding pen, BIC lighter and a couple of Band Aids.

On my key ring is a SOG Micron. On my belt is the Victorinox Spirit.

Clipped in my front right pocket is the Spyderco Endura 4.

In my wallet is the Wenger Signal Card and last but not least is the Pioneer suspended by a chain in my right front pocket (if I have a watch pocket) it goes there.

Even though I was never a Boy Scout I like being prepared which brings me to my next point.  How prepared are we? I’’m not talking 911 or national security I am talking about your personal life. 

Back in November my oldest brother called with news that Dad was terminal.   Being the youngest and in my forties it is natural that we have all grown apart especially living in other states.  “Mom wants us to all get together for Thanksgiving and visit Dad, (Mom and Dad divorced when I was a teen). "

Being a two car family, (one nice one that the wife drives and one that you just drive to work and around town) I had to make arrangements to get from Indianapolis to St Louis to Ft Smith Arkansas.  Being ex- military I’’m no stranger to Greyhound. Now I know that this next part sounds really petty but it is true. Since Greyhound has a “No Weapons” policy (not even in checked baggage) how do I get my edc’’s from here to there?  At the time it was only a Wenger Nail Clipper, an OHT and the Spirit.

For days I actually pondered this question.

1) Do I risk carrying them in baggage and get them confiscated and me possibly in trouble.

2) Do I mail them to my brother and then mail them back to me afterwards (would the mail be there on time)

3) Do I buy another set from Tim and have him send them to my brother?

4) Do I buy a set while down there and leave them there.

As silly as this sounds these are the questions that hounded me.

Until one day while getting ready for work Die Online slots uberzeugen mit guter Grafik, perfektem Spielfluss und immer verschiedenen Themen. I realized that SAKs are a security blanket for me they give me the feeling that I am prepared for any outcome.

Deciding to risk it (not all) I grabbed 1 little bitty SAK (Rambler) and boarded the bus.

My thoughts were “I couldn’t go without one completely and besides if they did find it I doubt that I would be in to much trouble and if I lost it to the authorities then I would not be out much.”

While waiting to board I noticed SEVERAL sheath knives, Classics on key rings and multitools everywhere.
Still not wanting to chance it (my edc’’s were in the car) I left without them.

Arrived late Wednesday night at my brother’’s and slept on the floor with the plans of getting up early and driving from St Louis to Ft Smith.

That evening my stepmother called and told my brother that Dad was back in the hospital and that we could take our time coming down.

The next morning Thanksgiving, we had breakfast and started our 9 hour drive.  About an hour out of Ft Smith we got a call that Dad passed away.  I don’t care how big your SAK collection is, or how many rare or discontinued models you have or even wonderful one of a kind mods. Nothing will prepare you for that.

What all did I learn out of this, several lessons (just some key ones)

1) Life is too short not to mend bridges or tell people you love them.

2) Your family is your most precious possession.

3) Don’t sweat the small stuff, Example: What do I EDC today?

Even though I had a Victorinox Rambler with me I was not prepared.

As Def says:

"So what’’s the best SAK to keep in the car, take fishing, go camping/hiking/SCUBA diving with? The one you have with you.
The real high quality tool is the one between your ears. The rest is just details."