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    One of the neat things about many ALOX models is the nice panel on the back that you can use to put a name or date, initials or place on, anything really to commemorate something, or even just personalize it for someone special.  Hey, you are special, right? 

    It's not really all fun and games though- there's a dark side to engraving a SAK.  The problem comes with colored ALOX models.  The colored anodizing is basically a paint that is hardened into the surface of the metal, and as with any paint, it can be scratched, chipped or worn away.

    I've had a few ALOX models that I have engraved over the years, including a coveted Copper Cadet that I had Travis' name engraved on as a Christmas present, and every time the engraver always gave me the warning that they are not responsible for ships, scratches, dings or other problems with the finish resulting from the engraving process.  Until recently I assumed that was just to protect them from having to replace anything messed up by inexperienced engravers.  Until recently.

    I won't mention from who, but I recently got a 58mm ALOX Classic from a well respected SAK dealer who also offers engraving.  I have nothing but the utmost in faith in this gentleman when it comes to knowing his stuff, and I doubt he would offer engraving if he and his staff weren't sure how to do it.  Even so, he has a number of discounted SAKs for sale that were engraving accidents, like the one pictured in this article.

    Fortunately for me, it's going to be a user, and probably get nice and beat up on my keychain anyway!  I'm special too, just not special enough to get my own initials on a chipped SAK!