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This month our semi-regular contributor Micky D shares his thoughts on Wenger's PocketGrip, aka MiniGrip!

Initial impressions

So what kind of tool do we have here then? Not quite a Sak, not quite a traditional Multi tool either. So is it the best of both world’s, or a horrible compromise?

Build Quality

In a word great! Maybe not quite up to Victorinox standards in that it’s not got quite the same snap as your average Vic has, but it’s still a lot better than all it’s rival’s, and coming a close second to Victorinox is no bad thing!

All the tool’s have a lovely deep polish that we al know and love, and everything opens up very smoothly, probably due to slightly weaker (but still effective) back springs.


Now these really are the heart and sole of this tool, as the whole Sak is built around them! And I have to say I really like them as despite being small, they have an impressive feeling of solidity about them, and I’d feel confident in using them for quite heavy tasks, the spring loading is a real bonus too, and I think these pliers would really earn there keep doing repetitive, dexterous tasks.

On a bit of a negative side however is the relatively narrow pliers opening, not really a fault as such, as it’s a small compact package, but something to bear in mind if your thinking of getting one.

The pliers also lock in the closed position via a small catch on the back of the tool.

Individual Tool's


A nice typical Wenger plain edged blade from there 85mm range, plenty of belly, and takes a wicked edge and holds it reasonably well too

Metal File/ Saw

The file is reasonably aggressive, but still capable of smooth filing down too, the saw is an absolute daemon at cutting through aluminium tubing despite it’s small size.


Again a decent double cut superior Swiss style saw, that cut’s like a chainsaw despite its small size, and has the benefit of a metric and imperial ruler on it too.

Can/Bottle Opener

This is in the Wenger mold, and opens can's pretty effectively, being a tea totaller I've not tested it on bottles, sorry lad's, but it’s a decent size so leverage on your favourite beverage shouldn’t be a problem!

The bottle opener also includes the patented Wenger locking system, making it impossible to close on your fingers under load, and underrated, but great feature as anyone who’s had one close on there finger’s will testify!


Along with the bottle opener screwdriver, there’s also a bit kit INCORPERATED into the sak (unlike lesser tool’s!)  The extension lives where the corkscrew would normally be and detaches to slot into a plastic recess in the base of the tool, and into which you can slot 3 various sized ¼  inch flat heads, and 3 phillips. And so far I’ve yet to come across a screw that this tool’s not equipped for!


Now and Awl is very important to me, and I’m sorry to say the one on the Wenger’s a bit naff, as it’s unsharpened, and not even very pointy!

Other feature’s

Also the Mini Grip has the obligatory toothpick and tweezers, which has got to be pretty rare for a Multitool!


I really, really like this tool, it’s very well built, is strong and robust, and best of all it’s actually UK legal edc as the knife blades a slippy!

It comes with a high quality belt pouch, which is just as well as while it’s a relatively small tool, it is quite bulky, so pocket carry would be a bit of an issue unfortunately, having said that it is pretty lightweight so once it’s on your belt, you’ll soon forget about it.

So all in all I would not hesitate to recommend one, infact I urge you to do so!

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