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We may never know just how many SAKs were kicking around the set of the MacGyver TV show, but thanks to dedicated SOSAK member DrummerBMac, we now know what model(s) were used in each episode!  Ben made the ultimate sacrifice of sitting through every episode for hours on end, replaying the DVD's over and over again until he managed to compile this list, which will soon be moved to

A special thanks to Ben for his efforts in going the distance for his fellow SOSAK members!
Pilot                        9/29/1985 Tinker
The Golden Triangle             10/6/1985 Gambit- Main ep- Tinker Small
Thief of Budapest             10/13/1985 Gambit- main- Tinker Small
The Gauntlet                 10/21/1985 Opener- Wenger handyman show-Tinker
The Heist                 11/3/1985 Executive
Trumbo's World             11/10/1985 Golfer Original/Wenger Pocketmate
Last Stand                 11/17/1985 no knife
Hellfire                 11/27/1985 Executive/Tinker
The Prodigal                 12/8/1985 Tinker Small
Target MacGyver             12/22/1985 Tinker
Nightmares                 1/15/1986 Tinker
Deathlock                 1/22/1986 Tinker Small
Flame's End                 1/29/1986 Tinker Small?
Countdown                 2/5/1986 Executive
The Enemy Within             2/12/1986 Tinker
Every Time She Smiles         2/19/1986 Executive
To Be a Man                 3/5/1986 Climber
Ugly Duckling             3/12/1986 Executive
Slow Death                 4/2/1986 Executive/Huntsman
The Escape                 4/16/1986 None
A Prisoner of Conscience         4/30/1986 3 layer
The Assassin                 5/7/1986 None Used
The Human Factor             9/22/1986 3 layer w/corkscrew (Camper/Climber)
The Eraser                 9/29/1986 Tinker Small and spartan/sportsman/tourist
Twice Stung                 10/6/1986 alox farmer?/Tinker Small
The Wish Child             10/20/1986 3 layer
Final Approach             10/27/1986 camper
Jack of Lies                 11/3/1986 Fieldmaster
The Road Not Taken             11/10/1986 Climber?
Eagles                 11/17/1986 Alox Farmer
Silent World                 11/24/1986 Spartan
Three For the Road             12/15/1986 Climber
 Phoenix Under Siege         1/5/1987 Spartan
Family Matter             1/12/1987 None used
Soft Touch                 1/19/1987
Birth Day                 2/2/1987 none used
Pirates                 2/9/1987 Climber
Out in the Cold             2/16/1987 blade?
Dalton, Jack of Spies         2/23/1987 none
Partners                 3/2/1987
Bushmaster                 3/23/1987 blade?
Friends                 4/6/1987 Nonr Used
D.O.A.: MacGyver             4/27/1987 Huntsman
For Love or Money             5/4/1987 huntsman
Lost Love (1)             9/21/1987 Sportsman
Lost Love (2)             9/28/1987 Sportsman
Back From the Dead         10/5/1987 blade?
Ghost Ship                 10/19/1987 None used
Fire and Ice                 10/26/1987 Recruit
GX-1                     11/2/1987 Recruit
Jack in the Box             11/9/1987 Recruit
The Widowmaker             11/16/1987 Recruit
Hell Week                 11/23/1987 Climber
Blow Out                 12/21/1987 standard
Kill Zone                 1/4/1988 Super Tinker
Early Retirement             1/18/1988 Super Tinker
Thin Ice                 2/1/1988 none used
The Odd Triple             2/29/1988 none used
The Negotiator             3/7/1988 none used
The Spoilers                 3/14/1988 none used
Mask of the Wolf             3/28/1988 2 layer?
Rock the Cradle             4/18/1988 none used
The Endangered             5/2/1988 recruit
Murderer's Sky             5/9/1988 recruit
The Secret of Parker House         10/31/1988 blade? (standard)
Blood Brothers             11/21/1988 none used
The Outsiders             11/28/1988 none used
On a Wing and a Prayer         12/5/1988 Tinker
Collision Course             12/12/1988 Tinker?
The Survivors             1/9/1989 Tinker/Super Tinker?
Deadly Dreams             1/16/1989 Spartan/Tinker?
Ma Dalton                 1/23/1989 Spartan
Cleo Rocks                 2/6/1989 Standard
Fraternity of Thieves         2/13/1989 None Used
The Battle of Tommy Giordano     2/20/1989 Spartan/Standard
The Challenge             2/27/1989 None Used
Runners                 3/13/1989 111mm
Gold Rush                 3/27/1989 111mm
The Invisible Killer             4/10/1989 none used
Brainwashed                 4/24/1989 none used
Easy Target                 5/1/1989 111mm cs
Renegade                 5/8/1989 recruit/small tinker
Unfinished Business             5/15/1989 none used
The Legend of the Holy Rose (1)     9/18/1989 none used
The Legend of the Holy Rose (2)     9/25/1989 none used
The Black Corsage             10/2/1989 Spartan
Cease Fire                 10/9/1989 Tinker
Second Chance             10/16/1989 none used
Halloween Knights             10/30/1989 knife blade?
Children of Light             11/6/1989 111mm
Black Rhino                 11/13/1989
The Ten Percent Solution         11/20/1989 111mm MODEL
Two Times Trouble             12/11/1989 None Used
The Madonna                 12/18/1989
Serenity                 1/8/1990 Spartan
Live and Learn             1/15/1990 none
Log Jam                 2/5/1990
The Treasure of Manco         2/12/1990 phillips 2 or 3 layer?
Jenny's Chance             2/19/1990 none used
Deep Cover                 2/26/1990
The Lost Amadeus             3/19/1990
Hearts of Steel             4/9/1990
Rush to Judgement             4/16/1990
Passages                 4/30/1990 None used
Tough Boys                 9/17/1990 Tinker
Humanity                 9/24/1990 Tinker/Spartan
The Gun                 10/1/1990 Standard
Twenty Questions             10/8/1990 none used
The Wall                 10/22/1990 none used
Lesson in Evil             10/29/1990 knife blade (2 layer?)
Harry's Will                 11/5/1990 Spartan/Tourist
MacGyver's Women             11/12/1990 None
Bitter Harvest             11/19/1990
The Visitor                 12/3/1990 None
Squeeze Play                 12/17/1990 none used
Jerico Games             1/7/1991
The Wasteland             1/21/1991 knife blade    
Eye of Osiris                 2/4/1991
High Control                 2/11/1991
There But For the Grace         2/18/1991 knife blade (2 layers)
Blind Faith                 3/4/1991 none used
Faith, Hope & Charity         3/18/1991 none used    
Strictly Business             4/8/1991 Climber with reverse shield
Trail of Tears                 4/26/1991 none used
Hind-Sight                 5/6/1991 none used
Honest Abe                 9/16/1991  none used
The 'Hood                 9/23/1991 none    
Obsessed                 9/30/1991 Spartan/Tourist    
The Prometheus Syndrome         10/7/1991  2 Layer
The Coltons                 10/14/1991 none
The Walking Dead             10/21/1991Spartan/Tourist
Good Knight MacGyver (1)         11/4/1991 Compact
Good Knight MacGyver (2)         11/11/1991 Compact
Deadly Silents             11/18/1991 Spartan
Split Decision             12/2/1991 none used
Gunz 'N Boyz                 12/16/1991 Spartan
Off the Wall                 12/30/1991 Spartan
The Stringer                 4/25/1992 Ranger
The Mountain of Youth                  None Used

Implements used:

Knife Blade
Nail File
Cap Lifter/Screwdriver
Can Opener
Orange Peeler
Metal Saw