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Right, so I got my Spirit X from Tim, and here's my review. I'm quite excited about this one because I had been obsessing about it for some time. Not the decision as to whether to buy one, but about how to get a pocket clip on it. I do not have the ability nor tools to perform the excellent mod done by J-Sews, so I had to think of something else.

This something else is the Clipdraw, which I first read about on this forum. This is not so much a review of the Spirit X as it is one of the Clipdraw on one.

First up, the Clipdraw. Here's what I bought

Editor's note: ClipDraw kits now available from Felinevet's Shop!

The package is very comprehensive, with even alcohol cleaners to help prepare the surface. Installation was pretty straightforward. Just paste the adhesive onto the mounting plate, cut off excess then position it on the Spirit. Thereafter, just screw on the clip, and you're set. Here are the pictures of my new "clipped" Spirit

View closed

With pliers opened

Put it so it doesn't obstruct when using the blade. But anyway, it's pretty all right gripped in the palm, so even if you are using the file on the other side, there's no issue

Here's a super close up side view. You can see the clip itself isn't that great, curved a bit high. The tape and mounting plate are thick-ish, but that's a small compromise to make. It really isn't that bad when held in the hand. The fact that the colour is very similar makes it not so obvious.

I didn't get it right the first time. I put the Clipdraw below the rivet at first. This was how it looked

This was one of the things I worried about before getting the kit, that it would ride too high because i had to paste it below the rivet. After doing this, I realised that the tape is so thick and strong, it would run over the rivet safely. I pryed out the mounting plate with a screwdriver and the tape came out mostly cleanly. A little wipe with the alcohol swab, and you never knew it was there. Repositioned the clip, and now I'm a happy camper. The tape is incredibly strong. I didn't hang a weight to test it out, but it's safe to say it won't unadhere itself.

So, here's my final assessment of a Clipdraw Spirit X

You get a pocket clip (duh)
Easy to install
Warranty remains (compared to J-sew's mod)

Tool may feel thicker
Doesn't look seamless like J-sew's mod