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The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support. Your purchases and contributions have helped many families save the lives of their companion pets.

The FVEAP helps people and pets by providing Assistance Grants for emergency veterinary services. People helped are elderly people on Social Security, people with disabilities, single moms with small children, people without jobs and many others faced with the terrible decision of having to euthanize their pets due to lack of money to save them.

Here are some recent kitties helped by your generosity:

  • Jinx is a 6 y/o male kitty with a common condition of crystals in his urine, causing a life-threatening blockage. Cats with this condition can die within 72 hours if not treated. Sometimes catheterization will help but sometimes surgery is required, as with Jinx. FVEAP helped and Jinx has fully recovered;

  • Blue is a 3 y/o male kitty hit by a car and had 2 broken bones in his leg. Surgery was $1,500. And family was on disability. FVEAP helped with the costs and Blue is doing fine;

  • Sassy is a kitty with life-threatening infection in her teeth and jaw preventing her from eating. She needed emergency surgery. Her “Mom” Edith is 74, homebound and lives on Social Security and needed help. FVEAP helped and Sassy got her surgery;

  • Jelly is a 4 month old little kitty with an injured eye requiring removal. Family had already spent $300. Trying to save the eye and needed help for the surgery. FVEAP contributed and Jelly is doing fine.

The FVEAP has assisted 865 families since its inception. We could not do this work without the support and contributions from people like you. Thank You!