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The other day my wife I wonder how I began to like the Swiss Army knives? And my answer was that when I was 10 years watching a TV series, where his protagonist SAK used a lot out of dangerous situations (Macgyver series).   At 14 he gave me my first SAK was a Wenger Classic 63, and from that day I have not stopped collecting these small red tools have accompanied me in many moments like my degree For mange er norske spilleautomater selve toppen av kransekaka nar det kommer til automater pa nett. in agricultural engineering or upon the birth of my son ... .. I started laughing and told him that on several TV series and films are SAK, then my mind came the idea to write these words and find the respective images and share them with you, I hope you like it.
    The River Wild
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Man vs. Wild
    Home Alone 2
    Agent Cody Banks 2                             

    Charlie's Angels

    The Saint
    Cast Away
    Just Married
    The Simpson
    Get Smart (Funny version)                                 

    Planet of the Apes