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A couple of months ago, a SOSAK member sent me an email asking about a Wenger model that included Victorinox style toothpick and tweezers, which up until that moment, was something I knew nothing about. I started looking into this a bit more, and before I knew it, the question had shown up on the forum as well.

    By now any SAK enthusiast should be well aware of the fantastic warranty service both companies offer, but what if someone you know only has one SAK and needs to get it serviced, and can't live without it?

A few months ago, with some help from a couple of SOSAK members and our own Felinevet I managed to get a hold of an excellent piece to act as a centerpiece for my collection- a sealed display case featuring six different discontinued 108mm Safari series SAKs and a leather 108mm pouch.

That's right, thanks to a donation from a very generous member, we are giving away a brand new in box 108mm, discontinued, highly sought after Victorinox Mauser!

With Victorinox plans to re-release a version of the original Soldier's Knife, I decided to take a closer look at Wenger's release of a similar knife last year- the 1893 Heritage ReIssue knife.

Some time ago large online retailer, Smokey Mountain Knifeworks commissioned a couple of different models, exclusive to them. Since then our own Felinevet managed to pick up a limited number of these models to supply SOSAK members. Due to circumstances in my personal life I didn't manage to jump on these as quickly as I'd have liked and only managed to get one of the two models.

Now that I have had the time to put the new Spirit X to work, I felt it was a good time to offer some insights on it to SOSAK members. The results I have may seem unimpressive, but bear in mind that I do think very highly of the Spirit series in general, and the X in particular.

As most of you know by now, I also run another organization like SOSAK, but for multitools rather than SAKs, called While it's not necessarily of direct interest to many SAK collectors, there are many crossovers, like the respectable SwissTool and Spirit lines from Victorinox and the Ranger series from Wenger.

The old adage of “better late than never” has been proven by Victorinx on many occasions- the SwissTool was introduced about fifteen years after the original Leatherman PST, and yet is regarded by many as the only real contender to Leatherman's success in that market. One handed opening blades were also something that Victorinox eventually created, years after almost every other knife maker was doing, and the few models it is available on tend to be very popular- look at the number of One Handed Trekker variants in a recent article to see what I mean!

With all the attention placed firmly on the new Issue knife from Victorinox, there has been some wonder as to what will happen to Wenger's Standard Issue knife, aka the Soldat. Well, the simple answer is that nothing is happening- or rather, it will continue, at least for the time being, with only one minor change.