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We almost managed to get a month without a new ALOX model, but at the last minute, this pretty blue ALOX Electrician Plus arrived at my door!


There's a few interesting points about this one that differ from many of the other ones as well. For example, this is the first time we've seen an Electrican Plus model, which differs from the standard Electrician model by adding a third layer with a saw. The Electrician Plus is one of three regular models that Victorinox produces in the ALOX range- the other two being the Farmer and the Pioneer Rancher.

Another interesting feature of this particular Electrician Plus versus the production version (other than the fact that it's blue!) is that it features the old style cross rather than a new style shield. The engraving plate is also on the front scale.


Other than that, it's pretty well a normal Electrician Plus- there's no special numbering, no special engraving or any other fanciness to speak of. Still, I am always happy to add a new ALOX model to my collection- you can never have too many!