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ALOX nuts can rejoice- colored ALOX models are still coming fast and furious! This month I have added three more to my collection- a Gray Farmer, a Yellow (or Gold, depending on your perspective!) Pioneer and a bit of a break from tradition with a Copper Electrician.


While I do like all the new colors, I was getting a bit concerned that they all seemed to be Farmers or Pioneers, which admittedly are the best sellers in the ALOX line, but it's still nice to see other models being included. I've been something of a fan of the Electrician (and it's three layer, saw equipped sibling the Electrician Plus) for some time now, and I'm glad to see it finally getting some of the spotlight.

I'm also glad to see the copper again- the Copper Cadet is arguably one of the most sought after Cadet model out there, and I imagine that this Copper Electrician, by virtue of it's limited number and out of the ordinary model choice will also be high on each collector's list of “must haves.”

The Gray Farmer is quite interesting as well, being a nice, classy gray. It doesn't jump out at you, but with a certain subtle elegance it gets noticed, in the same way as a full sized Mercedes E Class sedan isn't flashy, but you do tend to notice them. I like the gray, and if it wasn't such a limited model (about 50 units total) I would probably opt to carry this one. However, due to it's rarity and potential to pay for my nephew's college tuition in a decade or so, it will live safely in it's box in my ALOX only tackle box, along with the others!

The third and final ALOX model this month is the Yellow Pioneer. I prefer to call this a Yellow Pioneer even though it was initially billed as Gold, since I find the term Gold to be something of a confusing term- although if you read on from this point, things may get very much more confusing! When calling something “gold” the first question in my mind is “actual gold or colored gold?” In this case, it's a gold color- no gold was used in the construction of this knife- it's an anodized color, not actual gold or gold plating.

It also gets confusing when you think about there being a Gold Farmer issued by the Official Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collector's Society (VSAKCS) as their 2005 Annual Club Knife, despite the fact that the Collector's Knife is the same color as the copper found on the Cadet and Electrician models. So technically the “Gold Farmer” is actually a “Copper Farmer” but as it's a VSAKCS knife, it was up to them to name it, they called it Gold and I'm not going to argue with Dan!

So, to alleviate confusion on several levels, I refer to the Gold Pioneer as the Yellow Pioneer, the Copper Electrician and Cadet as Copper and differentiate the VSAKCS Farmer by placing it firmly outside the nomenclature and into a class with other club knives.

Of course, you are free to call your knives whatever you like!