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 Following in last month’s article about the Blue ALOX Sea Pioneer, we have the Blue ALOX Midshipman.


 For those not familiar with the Midshipman model it is a reissue of an older hard to find model with the same name, only this time, as the name would imply, in blue. The Midshipman is outfitted very similar to the Farmer with a can opener, bottle opener, wood saw and main blade, although the awl is replaced with a sacking needle, similar to the Sea Pioneer and other sailing oriented knives.


 This incarnation of the Midshipman also has the old style cross rather than the newer, standard shield and it also has an engraving plate with its name printed on it. It also features a number on the blade- this particular one is 48/50.


 For ALOX fans, this is another one not to miss!