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 With all the recent special edition ALOX models we’ve been seeing over the last year or so it’s hard to conceive of a way to keep doing something different, but here’s yet another variation to add to the collection!


 This time it’s a Hunter Green Pioneer, similar in color to the recent Hunter Green Farmer, only this time there’s a twist- the tools are black on this one, like the recent Orange and Black Wilderness models.


 Other than the colors this one is a typical Pioneer with the standard shield on the front, engraving plate on the back, keyring, can opener, bottle opener and so on, but there is one more difference from this one to previous models. This is the first one with black coated tools and the number printed on the blade. This is something we’ve only seen on uncoated blades in the past, and it looks really nice. My hope is that we’ll see more of this in the future.


 As usual, your best bet for getting your hands on these is to keep in fairly regular contact with Tim, aka Felinevet too see what’s coming down the pike, and while you are at it, don’t forget to check out the Blue Midshipman this month as well!