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I recently got this email from a member, and I thought perhaps the folks here might be able to help him out.  Here's the message:

Def -  I am preparing a manuscript with photographs and drawings for printing, the proposed title of this book being  The Swiss Army Knife Owner's Manual.  It will likely be about 220 pages long.  All the graphics are my own; the text has taken about two years to write.  It should hit the stores this spring.

I have written in the text, along with so many other subjects, a couple items from SOSAKOnline:  the stove made from a pop can, the dishwasher test.  Yours is the best SAK website out there.  My member moniker is J Makrel Jones and I enjoy the monthly mailings.  You may remember my entry in the Mod contest a year ago - the ComTek with scales made of telephone electronics board.  I bought it back for $40 in the auction.  Took fourth place of four as I recall.  "Wouldn't be practical in a pocket" was one opinion, which well reflects its purely conceptual intent.

The purpose of this message is two-fold:  I hope you will tell the membership about this upcoming book.  Victorinox has committed to purchasing 500 copies and the thing will indeed become a reality - I am working with a print shop here in Denver.  Probably sell for around $20.

And I would like to ask the members to contribute stories (they must be true ones) of improvised uses, simple modifications (making the chisel into a phillips driver for example), or amazing occurrences involving the knife.  My email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the best for me for this.  There will be these two months or so to include additional narratives in the text.  I enclose several pages for your -- approval?  Enjoyment I hope.
Sincerely yours, and thanks for your work in giving us endless information and regalement on this most excellent tool,

J Mackerel Jones