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I just thought that members might like to consider this little 'unsung hero' from Victorinox.
It may not look much, but it really works !

They are normally contained within one of the SWISSCARD QUATTRO range, and pull out for use as required.
When I first saw one, I thought that, well, nice touch, but probably not much use.
There again, I thought, it is made by Victorinox, so it must work ok.
Like everything that I use, as an ex Engineer, I really like to test things to the limit.
I have to say that I was really impressed with the little tool. The steel is first class, and did not bend as I thought it would.
The amount of torque that can be applied is obviously limited by the fact that it can only be held between finger and thumb.
But, despite its flat shape, the screwdrivers do fit into the screws properly, and the thing actually works well.

I found a big Victorinox dealer in Switzerland who not only sells the complete Victorinox SAK range, but also all the spares, and when ordering a SAK, I also ordered 6 of these little screwdrivers to experiment with.
These little tools have proved to be ideal for light use, at a moment's notice, with one little modification for ease of carrying and use.
As I don't carry a Swisscard, carrying on my keyring was preferred, but as the small hole in the tool was situated too far from the edge of the tool to enable easy threading onto the keyring, a mod was needed.
The steel is too hard to drill, therefore the only option was to use a small cylindrical diamond coated bit in the Dremel tool, and grind a notch above the hole, making the job of threading onto the keyring possible.
In addition, I preferred to grind away the two smallest driver heads, leaving some flat, and some rounded edging, useful for opening, for example camera battery compartments where a coin is suggested as a suitable tool.


So this little tool, modified as described, and shown in the photo, is now carried on my keyring, and frequently used.
If carried, and used, on a strong steel splitring of good quality, as shown, greater torque can be applied, by using the strength of the steel splitring, as opposed to just that available from finger and thumb.
The other items on the splitring (4 Yale type keys and a Photon light), are held in the palm of the hand, and the forefinger pushed through the ring.
The QUATTRO tool is then gripped as shown in the photo.
As these tools are both small and cheap, I also slipped one into my wallet, so if I really do need a very small screwriver of either type, for camera or other small gadgets, I have one available.
With my EDC SAK, Spartan or Huntsman, and one these little tools on my housekeys with my Photon Freedom LED light, I am pretty well equipped for a variety of tasks without being overloaded.
As stated at the beginning, the little QUATTRO tool may not look much, but it really works very well !