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Now it is time to tug on Superman’s Cape. Grant Lamontagne is my go to guy (Guru) on Swiss Army knives. I have to blame Grant for my need with these wonderfully made knives. I can not imagine the outstanding collection Grant has in his possession. BUT I have the one thing Grant does not have. A 1974 WENGER birthday knife.

 In 1974 (the year Grant was born) Wenger was the only manufacturer for the Swiss Army knife. In six years of collecting, I have only seen two 1974 Wengers up for auction. The first knife I bid on very quickly flew out of my hands and disappeared with a huge winning bid. The second knife I was better prepared for and very lucky.

You can see in this picture, there was a hole in my collection. I am very pleased to tell you that hole is filled. This is the time to tug on Superman’s cape. TUG TUG.  Please let Grant know I am still looking for him.


 I have also added a picture of a #1 variant that went back to the factory for repair. The #1 variants were made from 1965 to 1971. The repaired model is now sporting a 2006 blade. I call these types of knives, lottery bids. The picture and the write up do not match. Get luck and throw a bid on the thing and see if lady luck is on your side. You to could end up with an oddball.


  I feel comfortable picking on Grant. I know he has broad shoulders and enjoys the fame. The second reason is he has no life. You have no idea how much time and effort Grant has devoted to this website. Try sitting down and writing a few lines on anything you enjoy and see how much time it takes. My hat is off to Grant for his devotion to S.A.K.s. Please take some time and help. Remember SOSAKONLINE is your website.