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Please note that all content in this section has been imported from our old Sosakonline website and may contain broken links. We are revising it as we can, but these things take time, and it's a lot of content to get through!

Yes, you read that correctly, we are six years old as of this month!The SOSAK forum at is a lot older than that, but this site has been online for a full six years now!And, for those of you noticing how late this month’s offerings are, being late is a bit of a tradition around here!


Originally it had been scheduled for a June launch instead of July, but I’d had a nasty bout with some kidney stones in the end of May that lasted a few weeks.The doctor that performed the stone removal insisted that he’d gotten them all and claimed I was faking it as the pain went into its second week, and I was a wreck, barely able to function.Of course, my job was also in transition at the time and so wondering whether I was still going to be employed wasn’t helping.A week later I passed the final stone (the one the doctor insisted wasn’t there!) and I instantly felt better- sure I was about 35 pounds lighter and exhausted, full of residual morphine, Demerol, dilaudid and oxycontin, but I could finally stand up straight!


So, we went back to work putting the finishing touches on the site and getting it ready to fly.In those days it was just Esteban and I, and Esteban was also busy putting together the store software for Tim and Tom in what became the Felinevet and Rotokid shops we’ve been featuring here since the very beginning.


All in all SOSAKOnline has been a lot of fun over the years, but the reality is that I’ve just been regurgitating information provided by members, so it’s really a celebration of all of us, not anything I’ve done specifically.This year we passed 10,000 members, and are already well on our way to 20,000, so my guess is that we are doing something right!