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 In case anyone hasn’t gotten the word yet, frequent contributor PTHYCRPG, aka Rick has been doing a lot of charity auctions on these are of interest to SAK collectors as they are all quite collectible, and especially of interest to SOSAK members since the charity Rick has chosen to donate the proceeds to is our one and only Felinevet!

 Even those familiar with his auctions may not be familiar with the process, and I am sure that Rick will probably have some nasty words for me because I’m tooting his horn for him since he won’t do it himself. He’s not really interested in getting any glory for what he does, but I feel credit needs to be given since it certainly is due. So, I’m taking a few moments here to tell you what I know about what he’s been doing!


 Anyone lucky enough to get one of his amazing packages knows that the knife itself is only a part of what makes it so special. Starting with the knife, Rick usually manages to pick these up from ultra secret contacts that he won’t even let me in on- and to be honest I’m kind of glad as I can see my mortgage money being in jeopardy if he did tell me! As soon as he gets confirmation of a particular knife the real hunt begins- Rick searches out some related paraphernalia to accompany the knife, such as unit patches and medals in the case of military marked knives, which is what he seems to get most of. In fact, he was the source for many of the military marked knives I have in my collection!


 Once he’s gathered some bonus material for the knife he snaps some great pictures and lists the knife on and instructs the buyer to pay Tim- meaning all the expenses Rick has incurred in purchasing and shipping the knife first to him, then to the buyer as well as all the extras he includes are all out of pocket expenses for him, and the full value goes to support the kitties! How great is that?


 And, despite taking the time to track down anything interesting or odd, he still manages to submit very informative articles to this site for the enjoyment of everyone. I’m not sure if that qualifies him for official Sainthood, but it certainly does make him one of the most prominent Knights Of SOSAK! 


Keep up the good work buddy, and try not to be too upset with me for this article! You deserve it and more for all you do!  For the rest of you, check out Rick's current auction!