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 Ten grand, 10K, dix mille.... no matter how you say it, it’s an impressive milestone and has taken us five and a half years to reach it! Or at least it will, when we get there- as of this writing we are about 9,960 members, meaning we have 40 to go. I have no doubt we’ll hit that very soon. EDIT- This article is out of date- between writing and publishing we buried this landmark!

 Yes, it’s just a number, and the ten thousandth member is no more or less important than any of the 9,999 members that came before him or her, so what we have in mind is this- I have a few items to give away, and I will pick some names at random! If you want in on this, you need to send me an email no later than midnight on March 15th (GMT to make it easy!)  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the answers to three questions that every SOSAK member should be able to answer:


1.  What was my first SAK?

2. What does the SOSAK Hitman do for a living?

3. Name at least four of the five Rescue Tool Variants I have in my collection.

These may seem like hard questions to some, but the answers to all of them are on SOSAKOnline somewhere, and it’s up to you to find them!


And what do you get for this bit of SOSAK Sleuthing? Simple, and beautiful! Tim, aka Felinevet has offered this limited edition Confederatio Helvetica Pioneer to the lucky winner! It’s currently listed at $125 in his shop, but this is your chance to get it free!

If your name isn’t selected to win that prize, there’s still hope, because Tom, aka Rotokid is offering a $25USD gift certificate for his shop to each of the second and third place winners!

We may be adding new prizes between now and then, so make sure you get your research done and sent in to me ASAP or you could miss out!