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 I’ve got the Blues again this month, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Why is that? Simple- the Blue ALOX Sea Pioneer, this month’s addition to the ALOX Fan Club!


 First off, it’s blue, and unlike the other ALOX models we’ve seen so far, the Sea Pioneer actually has its name written right on it! This means of course that you can’t engrave your own name on it, but then given these limited run collectibles, how many of us actually have done that? As if that wasn’t enough, it also features an old cross, not the modern shield.


 This one is actually quite interesting in addition to just being a new ALOX model- this one is an oddity in that it’s not a naturally occurring model with fancy coloured scales like the Copper Electrician, or a different combination of existing components like the Silver Woodsman, the Sea Pioneer is something completely different. It has a sacking needle, which is a tool used for knot tying, and something that hasn’t been seen on an ALOX knife from Victorinox in years.


 Other than the sacking needle the Sea Pioneer features a main blade with a number engraved into it- mine is 31 of 50, and the standard can and bottle opener. There’s no lanyard ring on it, which I thought was odd in a seafaring knife- after all, on the open water, if it’s not secured, it’s not yours. Still, it gives the knife a very clean, smooth look, and since I doubt many of these will see much life outside the box or display case, looks seem more important than function, at least on this knife.


 As with the other limited ALOX knives recently, the Sea Pioneer is a valuable addition to the collection. With only 50 made, it’s an important piece for the discerning ALOX collector and extremely beautiful. Of course, since these articles are a month behind, it’s probably too late to pick one of these beauties up. Still, it’s worth sending Tim an email to see if he still has any, and if not, see what he does have- there are some new beauties out there already, but you’ll have to wait until next month to see them here!