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One question I get asked an awful lot is what to do with a broken blade- send it in for warranty work, ask Victorinox to repair it, find a modder to do it or try to do it yourself.  Well, here's one member's answer- Ptisuisse has put together a step by step guide to replacing a single tool, and he makes it look easy!  I'm not saying it is easy, but he sure makes it look that way!

You want to drill the brass pin away without damaging those unobtainable bushings.
Better punch a center hole first and go careful about it

When you're done it should look like this : careful with the centering, it is critical

I do my drilling with a hand power drill, but if you got a stand or a column drill, by all means use it !
this keeps the drill bit from walking. Always pick a bit slightly smaller than the pin. Be very careful.

Push the pin out with some sort of rod, here I use a screwdriver which is not the best.
Motto : do not damage those f.......... bushings !

So there is your knife, pretty harmless, ready for tool replacement.

Start peening your brass stock by tapping all around it. Yes I know it is a carpenter's hammer.
Slide the first bushing on your pin stock and let it rest on the part you just hammered.

After replacing whichever tool needed it, force the pin into the assembly with your hammer.
Careful, you have to fight a bit against the springs.

When you're done inserting the pin, add the second bushing, and trim the pin with front-cutting pliers.

Peen the other side of your pin. At this stage you may dial whichever resistence you wish,
so that your knive is neither too loose nor too tight. Don't hammer the hell out of it.
And you're pretty much done. If you have done a sloppy job, the scales will hide it ;-)