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 A couple of months ago I did a video on swapping scales, which according to our in-house parts dealer Rotokid was a major success. I’m glad to hear that many of you liked it, and found it helpful. Since so many people watched it, I’m going to assume you all remember the results of one of the swaps- the yellow scaled Compact, a knife that has found its way to the very top of my Every Day Carry list.


 Up until recently I have carried mostly larger models, like the One Handed Trekker or Huntsman, but the more I think about it, the more I realize the tools I use most are the ones found on the Compact- screwdrivers, blade and scissors. The Compact fits that bill nicely, especially when paired with a full sized multitool for outdoor excursions.


 So what made me stand up and take notice of the Compact? Am I so shallow that the addition of yellow scales makes me notice a model I’d previously overlooked? Sort of. I always appreciated the Compact for what it was, but never had any particular interest in it, until now. And, as useful as this yellow one is, the unmodified version is much better, as it comes from the factory with Plus scales which add the pin, pen and mini screwdriver to the already impressive list of features. Since these scales are modern enough, I can add the pin to them, and the mini screwdriver fits any corkscrew, so all I really sacrificed with this mod is the pen, which I never used much anyway.


 If minimalism is your thing, have a look at the Compact. They sport an impressive array of features for such a small, thin knife, and you may think you’re carrying a bigger knife when you consider all the Compact can do for you!