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      All the News That's Fit to Print    

I have a few items I'd like to cover in this BLOG entry if I may, and it's hard to decide what to put first as it's all pretty great!

I'll start with the news that everyone has been waiting for- the 2009 SOSAK Knives of the Year have hit a slight snag- nothing major, just a little red tape and mis-communication, but Travis says they have still managed to arrive at his place on schedule, and distribution will begin shortly!  I'm sure everyone will join me in sending Travis a HUGE thank you for handling the annual knives for us yet again!  We couldn't have done it without you Travis- well, I suppose we probably could, but I'd really hate to think of the mess we'd be in if I tried to go it alone!

Second off, I would like to congratulate Eric at On/Scene Tactical on making it to his tenth anniversary!  As many of you know, Eric has done some work on and off with SOSAK and has contributed a number of sheaths to support the various plots and plans I've had over the years, and it's always a pleasure dealing with him.  In case anyone hasn't had the pleasure of using one of Eric's sheaths, you can see his work at or by reading several of the reviews here, on or even in a recent trade magazine!  Way to go Eric!

Lastly, and certainly not least, The Official Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collector's Society (VSAKCS) is also celebrating their ten year anniversary!  Dan has been working hard for a decade to bring news to the masses in well over 40 countries, and I for one think he's been doing a fantastic job!  For information on how to join the Collector's Society, visit them at!  This is also a great time to get in touch with Dan as it's also time for the annual club knife, which this year is a wood scaled Compact!

That's about it for now- as usual, more as it develops- oh, and check out the Wenger Sport Knives article this month!  The background is the cover of the current VSAKS Newsletter!