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I was originally browsing for a new watch, with the points from my credit card, and found they had nothing of interest.  So I took a look around and found I can get an Evo 18!!  I've always wondered how they are, and have been interested for a bit now.

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I'll go over my impressions as detailed as I can. I'm 56k with no digital camera (sorry guys). But I hope the info is useful to some.

Now if this is an Evo "Grip" it should have the textured rubber inserts in the scales. What I have is a velvety soft ergonomic set of scales on it. The scales are a flat black (matte), not glossy in appearance and show oily fingerprints and smudges well.

Tools/Implements list

Key ring (god knows why this is an actual implement, more like a standard feature)
Corkscrew (ok I wanted a philips, that's what I get for a freebie)
Clip point straight blade
Bottle opener (with flat screwdriver on side, with wire stripper)
Can opener (nothing else on it)
Woodsaw (looks good, can't wait to try it out)
Serrated self sharpening scissors (Cool design)
Nail file (with cleaner at tip, no screwdriver here)
Toothpick & Tweezers

Ergonomics are great, while using the various functions. I've held/used the blade and scissors in either hand, and both feel very natural.
I'm not ambidextrous, but can do a lot with both hands.
The implements feel a tad stiff but spring in/out very smoothly.


Key ring, bigger than the ring on my Vic Classic, not too big but good enough

Awl/Reamer - Rounded ARIES - LIBRA: Compatibility horoscopes Aries forecasts a short-term relationship. point, not sharpened on the edge, great for whatever reamers do with them (shrugs, I never used them other than picking the treads of my shoes). Lack of sharpness may be an issue for some. No hole for threading either

Corkscrew - Same as most corkscrews, only thing I can pick apart here, is the tip is a rounded point, not a sharp point. This may make it more awkward for picking away at knots. I'm sure it digs into a bottle of wine ok (not tested, please send wine

Clip point straight blade - The tip is very sharp, the blade is very sharp as well. Blade does not lock in place.

Bottle opener - The flat screwdriver part I believe locks when in use (unconfirmed).

Can opener - Works ok (on pop cans), would have liked to see another flat bit at the end on it, very well sharpened.

Woodsaw - This looks promising, dbl cut, slightly longer than the woodsaw on my LM wave (old style), if the weather is good this weekend, I'll test it out.

Serrated scissors - Ok I'm new to Wenger here, and the serrations do bug me a bit. i just gotta get used to them I'm sure but the scissors are very good at cutting through tough cardboard. The leverage system seems to be very good as well. There is a limit to how wide you can open them up, which may bother some. For all the cutting I do, it won't be a problem for me personally. The serrations will make a slightly jaggy cut to whatever you cut. Fine for nails if you file them down after like me.

Nail file - I'm a tad disappointed by this one. The implement is about the same length as the file in my Classic. The grated part for filing, however, only runs on part of the blade making it about 3/4 the length of the Classic's file. The Evo's file is wider in the grated surface, leaving a bare space leading up to the point. The texture of the file is a little rougher than the Classic, yet just as useable. I prefer the Classic, but this is almost as good, and I do like the nail cleaner better than the screwdriver.

Toothpick/Tweezers - For a larger form factor, you'd think both would be slightly larger....Nope, they are both a bit shorter. These 2 things are well hidden in the scales.The clips of which reside on the INSIDE of the scales. This means you need good nails to dig them out, yet have less chance of slipping out as on the ol Classic (I find they stay in place well enough on the Classic).
The toothpick feels a tad flimsy compared to the Classic, but useable. I'll stick to my Classic for this one.
The tweezers seem to be a tad fimer than the Classic, but the shorter length makes them about equal with the Classic There is no plastic on the tweezers, just pure fused metal.


It's a good amount of useful tools in a not-too-big package. 4 layers, excellent ergonomics and a good firm design. Those looking for multiple screw driving bits or more of a household/indoor multitool, might be better served by something else (Cybertool, Tinker, LM Fuse etc....

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