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     Message from Swiss Peak    

I got this letter today from Swiss Peak, the Canadian Distributors of Wenger, and I thought I would pass it along for the benefit of all the Canadian members out there:

Dear Grant, 
We wanted you to be the first to know that starting today, November 6th, our limited edition Wenger® Heritage Swiss Army knife will be sold on-line on our Canadian Swiss Peak website. 

The Wenger® Heritage Swiss Army Knife is based on the original design of the first named “model 1890”, Wenger® is reproducing a limited series replica of the very first knife delivered to the Swiss Army in 1901. This multifunctional Swiss Army Knife model 1890 established the parameters for all subsequent versions of today’s icon. In reference to Wenger®s beginnings in 1893, there will be only 1893 units of this replica model produced worldwide. Each of these Heritage knives will bear its own consecutive number on the handle and in the collector’s box, a box which was inspired by the old wooden trunks used by the army during the late 19th Century. This package will also include a certificate of authenticity, warranty and care information for this collector’s item. For more information, please visit us at

At this time in Canada, we will only be selling the Wenger® Heritage Swiss Army Knife and the Wenger® Giant Knife exclusively on the Swiss Peak website to Canadian customers.

Kind regards,
Swiss Peak Ltd
35 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 6
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 1B3
phone: 905 764 6068 ext 228
toll free: 1 888 838 1504
toll free fax: 1 800 264 1937