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     Some more really exciting news!    

    It's been an exciting time around here lately.  As you may remember from the last BLOG entry, Wenger is releasing a new line at this year's SHOT Show.  What I nelected to mention was that a certain member of SOSAK (namely me!) will be there to witness it first hand!  I'll be taking photos and video, all of which will be posted here as soon as humanly possible.  It should be an exciting trip for many reasons.

    In addition to Wenger's new release I'll be checking out the Victorinox booth to see what's going on there, and while I haven't heard of anything specifically new, I'm certain they'll have something interesting!  Again, thanks to a press pass, we'll have pictures of the whole thing!

    As if that won't be enough, Tim Meeker, aka Felinevet will be there, as will frequent SAKtivity contributor Bob Milliron, aka J-Sews and maybe another special guest from SOSAK!

    I also got an interesting phone call this afternoon from Ecuador.  Phone calls from Canada and the US are pretty common for me, but a call from South America was an interesting new distraction, especially considering what it was about.  By the time you read this, I'll have been interviewed on Ecuador's BBC station!

    Like I said, it's an exciting time to be a SOSAK member!  With any luck I'll have a copy of the interview to post here afterwards.  Either way, it should be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to it!