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It was just a matter of time before SOSAK got our own HITman!

Not to be bragging but I have the world’s greatest job.
I’m a HIT man. Highway Incident Technician.
My job is simple I drive up and down the highway and rescue people. Anything from a flat tire to a serious accident. 
Even though my van is decked out with James Bond goodies (minus the oil slick and missile launchers) the equipment I wish to write about is an OHT and a Leatherman PST my EDC’s

One particular morning I was faced with something that plagues our highway system (an unprepared motorist.)
Removing the center cap proved to be a challenge the prying slot was at such an angle that the lug wrench was too long.

Not wanting to risk walking back into traffic for a screwdriver I pulled out my OHT, the large locking bottle opener/screwdriver fit perfectly and soon the cap popped off.
Getting the spare out was interesting after releasing the bungee cords the trunk should open that's when I found binder twine inside the trunk holding it down.
Unable to untie it, one swipe from the OHT the lid was free.
With tire on, motorist got on their way.
Another blew out a trailer tire. The fender was badly damaged without correcting it the spare was useless.
Pounding the edges back with a 2 lb sledgehammer we were able to get the tire on, that’s when we noticed a sharp corner.
Taking out my PST I reached inside and bent the edge up and soon the motorist was leaving.
The next day I came upon a small S.U.V. with a flat.
She called her service and they were rushing to get to her (translation about an 90 minute wait). I told her I can get her going again in ten minutes and she was happy to accept my service.
Going to remove the cover from the spare I learned that zippers like to freeze up in winter taking out my PST I tugged at the zipper pull, no avail.
Taking out my lighter (carried for reasons like this) I tried to warm the zipper but trucks and other vehicles going by at 70+ would blow out the flame.
Going back I told her and that maybe her service had a way to get the cover off without damage. That’s when she told me to cut the thing off.

Giving someone with an OHT permission to cut something away is like DEF in a cutlery shop. {Editor's note: HEY!}
Inserting the tip in the zipper material I applied a little pressure, it parted like butter. The cut worked so well, that she could have someone put in a new zipper and save the cover.
A couple minutes later she was a memory.
I know these things don’t sound too exciting but in the scheme of things that is basically the lives we live and the emergency we encounter.
Even though my OHT isn’t a Rescue Tool (which I will be getting) and my PST isn’t a Spirit. They come in extremely handy when getting a motorist and myself off a dangerous highway shoulder.
By the way the lady with the cover told me I was brave to do this job I thanked her and told her I was a little mental.
I pray that when I get the Rescue Tool that it never sees anything more exciting then what was just mention but I can rest assured though it won't fail me or others.
If your state has HIT men, then please be extra cautious when you see them, they too have family and friends they went to see again