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    As if the original Great Yeoman Conspiracy wasn’t confusing enough, we now have a third version to add to the list, the 2007 SwissBianco Yeoman.

    The new SwissBianco Yeoman is a special run made for Roger and distributed to very lucky SOSAK members like myself.  This run was limited to 40 pieces and was a re-creation of the original three layer Yeoman, but with a few important differences.  

    The most obvious differences are the new style magnifying glass, which offers a much greater surface area for magnification and the lack of BSA logo.  

    After that, the differences are a little more subtle.  The hook on the backside is the newer style hook with the nail file, and the scissor layer and magnifying glass/phillips layer are reversed from the original.  

    The 40 pieces made for the +Bianco 2007 Yeomans are all sold out, however there is a rumor of a new batch, perhaps in black scales, so stay tuned for more information as it develops.