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    This is the first in a new segment dedicated to showing some of the interesting pieces in various member’s collections.  I am starting the ball rolling by including an interesting Wenger Commander from my collection, and I invite others to submit pictures and info on interesting knives in their collections for members to enjoy.

    I got this Commander a little over a year ago, and to be honest I really don;t have a lot of information on it at the moment.  I believe the scales are buffalo horn, and they are factory scales, not an aftermarket custom job.

    The knife was in perfect condition when I got it, and I haven’t carried or used it since receiving it.  It certainly does stand out in a pile of red scales knives, that’s for sure!

    If anyone has any information on this one regarding possible dates of production, production numbers, or anything else at all, I would be very happy to hear it.

    Until then, the pictures say more about this beautiful SAK than anything I could write!